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How big were his hands

GOD I don’t remember probably not as big as ****** hands

Today was such a bad day i went to the grocery store after school and bought a pint of ben and jerrys LOL and i felt so gross but the clerk was so CUTE he was like “oh hahah that kind of day?” and i was yes!!!!! but then i was like “i’m so embarassed” and he was like “noo enjoy it!!!” and he like smiled and almost winked i think he was flirting with me he was so cute also he had the cutest facial hair…. anyway

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“'Why Sara?!'” Maymudes wrote. “‘Why not Joan Baez?' He responded with, 'Because Sara will be there when I want her to be home, she'll be there when I want her to be there, she'll do it when I want to do it. Joan won't be there when I want her. She won't do it when I want to do it.'” — Victor Maymudes talking with Bob Dylan (via dylanordie-babe)

Andy Warhol with his Silver Clouds, circa 1966.


also ran into Grant later in the day, i have no clue how we ran into 3 orwells in the same day but it was awesome


San Francisco, early morning, June.

Artist: Unknown The Kinks
Title: UnknownThis Time Tomorrow
Album: Unknown Lola Versus Powerman And The Money Go Round


You better toss your bullets

Jack Kilmer and Amber Propper 3 (Part 1 / Part 2)

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